Looking for an alternative way of teaching SQL, and wondering if there is a free/web-based game that requires knowledge of SQL to win. If possible, the game should not only be fun, but also track how much SQL the player knows.

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You can try to win via SQL if you'll get up on the top of rating. Every SQL exercise solved shall put up you in rating.


I don't know of a gamified SQL learning tool, but I'll recommend The Manga Guide To Databases as a way to cut through the boredom factor. It's a fast read, even for retro-technical managers, and does a quick survey of how to design and use a DB.

  • +1 Yes, I've seen a few of the The Manga Guides, including the guide to databases; it's okay - only 20% of the book appears to be on SQL, and 50% of that amount appears to read as a "normal" book on SQL; that said, it's got high-rating on Amazon, though I don't by into Amazon rating as much as I once did. The nearest I know to a free/web-based game is SQL Zoo - though it's not a game, but would fit the format of a game; meaning it's not gamified, but you've got a series of mini-quizes to take. – blunders May 1 '14 at 6:44

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