I'm trying to access an ASA16 server from IQ16 via ODBC driver. Both servers are installed on the same Linux box.

I've installed unixodbc-bin and added a file .odbc.init into home of user running the databases:


The ASA is running on 49152 on that box; IQ is running default 2638.

Also I've added an entry into interfaces file locking like that:

        master tcp ether myserver 49152
        query tcp ether myserver 49152

Back on IQ I can add via Sybase Central the remote server as well as tables from this box. Also testing the connection and is showing no error.

But when I'm now trying to copy some data from ASA via e.g.

INSERT locale_table LOCATION 'mes_input.mes_input' 'SELECT * FROM table'

I'm getting:

Connectivity libraries cannot be found (check your dynamic library
search path).  Selects from attached databases are not possible without
these libraries.  
-- (hqmlib/hqm_cpm.cxx 146)
SQLCODE=-1003005, ODBC 3-Status="HY000"
Zeile 1, Spalte 1

Something I've missed or missconfigured?


This should be a comment but I don't have a high enough rep to post it as such.

If you don't get an answer here, it would probably be worth re-posting your question on the dedicated SQL Anywhere forum at http://sqlanywhere-forum.sap.com/

@frlan - Hi you shouldn't need a SCN account - any OpenID account will do - I just use Google. If you still have trouble email me: gjw at iqx dot co dot uk

How do I create an account on sqlanywhere-forum?

Unlike many web sites, you don't use a username / password to connect to sqlanywhere-forum. The forum uses OpenID for authentication. In a nutshell, this means that you authenticate yourself to a third party, and then that third party securely asserts to sqlanywhere-forum that you are authenticated and tells us who you are. Your password is never given to sqlanywhere-forum.

To create an account, click the "Login" link at the top of the page, and then choose your authentication method. If you have an SCN account, you can click the "SAP ID service" button. If you have a Google account (eg. GMail, YouTube, Google+, etc.) you can click the Google button. Otherwise, you need to enter the URL assigned to you by your OpenID provider. In each of these cases, you are taken to another web site where you go through the authentication process. Once that is successfully completed, you are returned to the sqlanywhere-forum site, where you are prompted to choose a login name. This login name must be unique. Once you have chosen your login name, you are logged in and can begin using the forum.

You can add multiple authentication providers to your account, and use any one of them to log in. To add an additional authentication provider, click on your user name at the very top of the page. Then click "User tools" and then "authentication settings". Click the "Add new provider" button at the bottom, and then go through the same steps described above to authenticate to the new provider.

It is recommended that you have at least two authentication providers. This will allow you to log into the forum even if one of your providers is unavailable.

  • Even with SCN Account I'm not allowed to post there ... – frlan May 8 '14 at 20:34

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