I have a table like this:

 ID  | Name
  1  | AA
  2  | AA
  3  | AA
  4  | BB

I want to select all rows where Name like 'AA' in a cursor and get the count from this result in another cursor. I also need to page the results.

Expected result (Skip = 0; Take = 2)

-- p_result

 ID  | Name
  1  | AA
  2  | AA

-- p_count

How can I do this?


An alternative to msi77's solution is the use of analytical functions. This might be a bit more efficient but you should run an explain plan to find out.

       count(*) over () as total_count
FROM your_table
WHERE name = 'AA'
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I'm not sure to understand what you really want, but i'd suggest to try the following:

SELECT   ID, Name, 'p_result' AS Type
FROM     xy


SELECT   COUNT(1), Name, 'p_count' AS Type
FROM     xy

It's untested, but it could show you sth. like this:

 ID  | Name | Type
  1  | AA   | p_result
  2  | AA   | p_result
  3  | AA   | p_result
  4  | BB   | p_result
  3  | AA   | p_count
  1  | BB   | p_count

Disadvantage of this is, that you merge all the information together. Maybe 2 queries might be more helpful in your case!

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  • Two queries with two exact same WHERE conditions is too much risk. I someone forget to update both queries it will break return inconsistent results. I want all results (4) then return only the page 1 (row 1 and row 2), and set the count to 4 (total of rows). – BrunoLM Oct 5 '11 at 23:32

You can do it in one query:

select *, (select COUNT(*) from table where Name=p.Name) from table p
where Name='AA'
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