Is there any possibility of doing flashback after truncate ? Thank you in advance.


Sadly no. At least not by default and not directly. For this you need to read about Flashback Data Archives . By default they are disabled for all tables, but it can be activated, and will preserve your data even after a truncate. Moreover, even if you have the FDAs, you cannot just flashback the table, because TRUNCATE is a DDL operation, and will throw you an error that the table definition has been changed.

What you can do though, is to select the data to a point from the flashback table, and insert it back in yours:

insert into table1
select * from table1 as of timestamp to_timestamp(<your_time>)

Note! This can be done only after you have flashback data archives for that table.

Hope this helped!


No, You can't flashback a truncated table. But you can use traditional backup/recovery or FLASHBACK database to restore the table's data. Try to flashback database to a earlier timestamp or System change number and export and import the truncated table.

Check this link for more details.

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