I have a table names 'scoredata' having fields id, lessonid, levelid, studentid, addedate in which score for each day will be entered by the admin. I want to select only those studentid whose score has not been added from last four weeks. How can I do this in a single query.

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SELECT studentid FROM
    SELECT MAX(addedate) lastdate,studentid
    FROM scoredata GROUP BY studentid
) A
WHERE lastdate < ( DATE(NOW()) - INTERVAL 4 WEEK );

Query Breakdown

  • The subquery gets the last date each student entered a score
  • The WHERE clause outside the subquery checks to all lastdate values older than 4 weeks

Make sure you index studentid,addedate. If you didn't then run

ALTER TABLE scoredata ADD INDEX studentid_addedate_ndx (studentid,addedate);

Give it a Try !!!


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