This is my procedure:

     CREATE PROCEDURE sp_test_final6() 
    INSERT INTO `chef_ratings`(`chef_id`,`avg_total_no_votes`,`avg_total_rating`,`no_of_votes`,`avg_rating`)
    SELECT `chef_id`,(SELECT count(chef_id) FROM rates)/( SELECT count(DISTINCT chef_id) FROM rates),
    (( SELECT sum((`question_1` + `question_2` +`question_3` )/3) FROM rates ) / ( SELECT count(chef_id) FROM rates)),
    ( SELECT count(chef_id) FROM rates ),avg((`question_1`+`question_2`+`question_3`)/3)
    FROM rates GROUP BY `chef_id`;
    END $$

I'm getting error :

 #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'PROCEDURE sp_test_final6()
INSERT INTO `chef_ratings`( `chef_id`, `avg_t' at line 1 

Any idea why it is failing?

Edited: It works fine in mysql version 5.5 but in Server version: 4.1.22 it is giving this problem. How we can fix without upgrading?


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I got the answer. Stored procedure supported in MYSQL since 5.0 .Older version doesn't support stored procedure .

reference link


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