I am developing a chat application in asp.net using SignalR.

Client requirements are:

  1. Admin can create different chat rooms e.g. (News Room, Sports Room, Android Room etc)

  2. Registered users can then join different chat rooms (one at a time) to chat with other online users on selected chat room.

  3. Each user's chat history should be stored.

These are major requirements of my client. I have developed the following database schema at the moment for managing users and chat history of users.

Table 1: User

Fields: user_id, username, firstname, lastname, email, phone

Table 2: chathistory

Fields: ch_id, user_id(FK), sendby, sendto, message, time, date

But now I am confused in creating database schema for multiple chat rooms. How should I create or manage database schema for chat rooms. Please help me out to get it done as per my client's requirements.



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    The first thing I would do is Google "open source chat applications" and take a look at how others have done it - there is also "forum software" or even "message boards". One I can recommend is fudforum.org/forum if it's forum stuff that you want - to me they appear to overlap considerably. The one I have recommended runs orafaq.com/forums - their forum design is way better than Oracle's own board/forum/chat one! One other final thing - many of these (that I have used anyway) specifically forbid crossposting (i.e. multi-forum). There are good reasons for this - think about that also. – Vérace May 30 '14 at 9:05

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