I have following SQL running from a long time. I couldn't see the status When I tried to look the time remaining for the query to complete. Can someone explain me why I couldn't find the SQL status

insert into SCOTT.EMP select * from SCOTT.EMP@dblink;

Query used: SELECT USERNAME, sid, SERIAL#, OPNAME, to_char(start_time,'hh24:mi:ss') stime, message,( sofar/totalwork)* 100 percent FROM v$session_longops WHERE sofar/totalwork < 1;

Thanks in advance!

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    look in the database where @dblink is pointing to.
    – user953
    Jun 4, 2014 at 7:55

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The best view (for me) to see the status of a long query is V$SQL_MONITOR. This view include all query that has consumed at least 5 seconds of CPU or I/O time. This view is very volatile, so you have to answer it faster after it's execution. If you can't find it into this view, you can find it in a awr report

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