I'm currently working on a project that requires I write my own constraints for my database (to show I know how they work). I'm attempting to test them in MySQL Workbench however the programs settings keep kicking in and overriding the SQL in my document. As a test I am setting all DELETE's and UPDATE's to CASCADE however in the settings it is set to NO ACTION and I am getting error messages.

Settings Page

I am under the assumption that the above is the correct settings page to alter but there is no "DO NOTHING I WANT TO USE MY OWN SETTINGS" option. Is there a way around this? I am trying to emulate another environment which honours no constraints at all to ensure that mine as working.

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I don't really understand the trouble you have. These settings are just defaults. They are used when you create a relationship. But you can then change the actions to anything you like. MySQL Workbench won't change them automatically to something else.

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