I'm not finding a user by show grants for 'username'@'localhost'' I'm thinking that perhaps the username is slightly different, so I want to do a wildcard search of all the database users. How can I do this?

update: for clarification, as I'm thinking maybe I've not been 100% clear. by wildcard I meant I wanted to be able to search for only part of the users name, or for all users who's name matches pattern. On the system I needed this on there were 5k+ users, and although that's not performance loss huge, I don't want to look through them one at a time either.

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Thanks to @matthewh's answer I managed to compose a query that would work when searching through a large number of users:

use mysql;
select  User, Host from  user where User like 'user%';

Note: <user> is whatever component of the username you need to search for, you may need a % on both sides if you don't know the start of the username, also <> are merely to note the variable, don't include them in an actual query, unless the username includes < or >.

use mysql;

select Host,User from user;

will give you all the MySQL users on that server.

  • I voted this down one, because it doesn't do what I meant with by wildcard, though I acknowledge that may have been my fault for not being clear enough up front. It might have been interpretted as everything when what I wanted was the equivalent of `find -name 'user*' for a filename on unix. Commented Jan 20, 2011 at 13:05

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