So I got this view in mysql :

CREATE VIEW vote_question_totals
SELECT question_id
, SUM((vote_question_type)='1') question_total_plus
, SUM((vote_question_type)='-1') question_total_minus
, count(*) question_total_mixed
,(SUM((vote_question_type)='1') - SUM((vote_question_type)='-1')) question_total_score
FROM vote_question
GROUP BY question_id;

and I'm doing a RIGHT JOIN with the question table using the question_id

but then I wanna ORDER by question_total_score and this is where it get problematical. The question with no vote get a question_total_score which is NULL and cant get properly ordered. (I would like my NULL row to be considered like a 0)

What should I do ?

  • Show the query with the JOIN. It can probably be easily solved using the COALESCE(question_total_score,0) function. – ypercubeᵀᴹ Jun 15 '14 at 23:12
    COALESCE(question_total_score,0) AS `score`, 
   `vote_question_totals` RIGHT JOIN `question` 
        ON vote_question_totals.question_id = question.question_id 
   `score` DESC

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