I have 3 DB tables

| id       |  title   |  content |

| id       |  title   |

| id       |  post_id |  category_id |

Now lets say I have the following posts:

id=1, title=birds and it belongs to category 1 and 4

id=2, title=apple and it does not belong to any categories

My Query:

SELECT p.id, p.title, p.content
GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT p_c.category_id ORDER BY p_c.category_id ASC SEPARATOR ',') AS categories
FROM posts_categories AS p_c, posts as p
WHERE p.id = 1 AND p.id = p_c.post_id
GROUP BY p_c.post_id

This query works for id=1 but when a post does not have any categories, like id=2 it won't find anything. I've tried to modify this a bit, but I always end up with no results or all the fields as null when I'm looking for id=2

I know I could get around this with 2 queries, but was trying to do it with one query. I'm using mysql 5.5.27

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This should get all posts and a list of categories (If no categories, then 'None')

    p.id, p.title, p.content,
    ORDER BY p_c.category_id ASC SEPARATOR ','),'None') category
    posts p
    LEFT JOIN posts_categories p_c ON p.id = p_c.post_id
    LEFT JOIN categories c ON p_c.category_id = c.id
    p.id = 1

Give it a Try !!!

  • I'm not looking for all posts, just 1 post with all categories associated with it, regardless if the categories are empty or not.
    – hardbizkit
    Jun 18, 2014 at 22:09
  • Added WHERE p.id = 1 to the query... Jun 18, 2014 at 23:02

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