my current database version is I'm trying to purge my audit trail with a procedure. In my procedure I got this part of code:

audit_trail_type        =>  SYS.dbms_audit_mgmt.audit_trail_aud_std,
use_last_arch_timestamp => TRUE

I'm not running the procedure under SYS so there is SYS.dbms...in the code. Everything is working without errors. But audit trail from sys.aud$ table is not purged!

Any ideas, why it's not working?

I read that: Bug 9164488 - DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.CLEAN_AUDIT_TRAIL does not delete sys.aud$ and sys.fga_log$ tables ID 9164488.8+ was fixed in version, so this should not be the case.

Also setting last archive timestamp is working fine!

 audit_trail_type  => SYS.dbms_audit_mgmt.audit_trail_aud_std,
 last_archive_time => to_timestamp(SYSDATE - pocet_dnu),
 rac_instance_number  => null



  • unfortunately I have to do this using dbms_audit_mgmt package, otherwise I would delete it manually. – zajcev Jun 20 '14 at 9:02

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