I'm trying to implement a mariadb sharding for learning purpose. I have looked into database sharding in general and found mariadb spider storage engine support sharding. I do not want spider storage engine and like to test tokudb storage engine due to it's high performance. I plan to shard a simple database over two separate VM instances. My questions are,

  1. Can someone point me good tutorial or book to archive this ?
  2. PostgreSQL support connection pooling and load balancing tools ( ex: pg-pool) . Does mariadb has tools like this ?

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I think the answer to both of your question could be MaxScale. MariaDB MaxScale is a database proxy which supports connection pooling, load balancing, automatic failover, query routing, read-write splitting and more. The query routing feature is used to achieve sharding. For a tutorial, try e.g. this one.

An alternative solution could be ProxySQL, which is a competing database proxy product with some of the same features, including sharding. One advantage of ProxySQL over MaxScale is the license GPLv3 vs BSL, although BSL software becomes GPL after a certain amount of time. MaxScale 2.1 became GPL on 1. July 2019.

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