I'm trying to run vacuum delete only on a table with big amount of columns (800+) and 4 million rows.

I know it's recommended to use deep copy instead, but still am wondering if running vacuum is still possible on such big table. This is my error:

vacuum_max_buffer is too small to vacuum table <table> - need at least: 3388MB

is it possible to change the value of vacuum_max_buffer (set vacuum_max_buffer=xxxxx), or is it best not to change this and go on with the deep copy?

Thanks, Meny

  • Thanks very much for accurately identifying your use of Redshift, not just saying "PostgreSQL". Of course, that means I have no idea how to help, as vacuum_max_buffer seems to be a RedShift/ParAccel specific parameter that isn't in mainline PostgreSQL. – Craig Ringer Jun 30 '14 at 9:39

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