I'm creating a PHP application which relies on PostgreSQL. Now I have this query:

 $query= 'INSERT INTO "users" ("name", "username", "email", "phone") VALUES (\''. $name .'\', \''. $username .'\', \''. $email.'\', '. $phone .')';

$email, $phone and $name values can be null.

When I run this query, I get a syntax error.

So my question is: to insert a null value, I have to manually write null or am I missing something in the query?

Seems like I am forced to write null as value.


Do not use this statement at all. You are wide open for SQL injection.
Use a prepared statement instead:

pg_prepare($pgconn, 'my_insert', "INSERT ... VALUES ($1, $2, ...)");
pg_query($pgconn, 'my_insert', array( $name, $username, ...));

The PHP manual about pg_query:

This function used to be called pg_exec(). pg_exec() is still available for compatibility reasons, but users are encouraged to use the newer name.


  • pg_exec has been replaced by pg_query and examples in official documentation references to pg_execute instead. Shouldn't this answer be updated? – EAmez May 5 at 13:01
  • 1
    @EAmez: Updated accordingly, thanks. – Erwin Brandstetter May 5 at 19:19

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