How does the Database Control work, since Apache is not running on this computer? The Url says https://localhost:1158/em/console/logon/logon. I do have a WAMP apache server on here but I have to shut it down to get the Oracle Control to work , other wise I get a 404. Thanks

  • it uses J2EE rather than apache AFAIK. no idea why you can't get both to work at the same time given they are on different ports though... – Jack Douglas Oct 22 '11 at 12:02

As previously mentioned by @Jack Douglas, Oracle Application Server (a J2EE container) is installed. You may want to do a tcpdump to see what applications are running on conflicting ports. You can find a list of ports used by Database Control here: Managing Oracle Port Numbers.

Some ports used by Enterprise Manager Database Control:

  • 1158 - Http Port for Oracle Enterprise Manager Console.
  • 3938 - Oracle Management Agent.
  • 5520 - RMI port for Enterprise Manager Console.
  • 5540 - JMS Port for Enterprise Manager Console.

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