I used RMAN with,

RMAN>backup database archivelogs all;

After that I truncated a table.

I then tried to restore with,

RMAN>restore database;
RMAN>recover database;
RMAN>alter database open;

I connected with sqldeveloper, and the table is still empty. I have tried many times. I made sure there wer archive files with crosscheck backup. It simply never restores the data to that table in the schema. I know you cannot restore a single table, so I restored the whole database thinking it would put my data back.

There is one database, one backup, truncate, one restore (did this a lot). I have tried set until for an incomplete backup, many things. I don't need a point in time, however. I was trying to get anything to work.

I received no errors. Everything looked good.


  • All disk backup.
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.5.
  • Oracle 11gR2,


  • I have not used logminer.

What am I doing wrong?


You're issuing a "recover database" command, which will recover the database as far as possible. If that includes the archivelogs/redo logs which contain your "truncate" command, then this will also be re-played and the table truncated again.

Try doing the restore on it's own, or recovering to a specific time using RECOVER UNTIL... then opening the DB read-only to see if it's in the state you expect.

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