When I run this query in PHPMyAdmin it works fine:

$sql = "INSERT INTO Taskers (Taskers.MemberID, Taskers.EventID) VALUES ($memberid, $eventid)";

...but when I run it from the PHP page using the $sql command, I get the error:

You have an error in your SQL syntax.....near ')' at line 2

The Taskers table uses foreign keys to relate to the primary keys in the Members and Events tables. The Taskers table also has the primary key TaskerID. which auto-increments.

I double checked: both $memberid and $eventid are set to integers.

I looked at the general log and, strangely, the query is not showing up. Running a quick test, it seems that only SELECT queries are showing up in the general log, but no DROP or INSERT commands are showing up.

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  • Stop, and research SQL injection vulnerabilities. You should never concatenate your variables into queries like this. There are massive potential security holes waiting for you. Even if the values come from a safe place now, that's not a good reason to build queries this way. xkcd.com/327 – Michael - sqlbot Jul 23 '14 at 1:27

GOT IT! I had to explicitly set my PHP variable types to integer after normalizing them from the Http POST function...

settype($foo, "integer");

...and then use them in the MySQL query.


Maybe this:

$sql = "INSERT INTO Taskers (Taskers.MemberID, Taskers.EventID) VALUES (".$memberid.",".$eventid.")";
  • Thanks for the suggestion, this time I received error "Data truncated for column 'MemberID' at row 1". – Justin Jul 23 '14 at 3:52

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