We are using Amazon RDS(db.m2.2xlarge), CPU usage is suddenly increasing gradually even after we reboot the DB Server. This is happening just past 2 days and we didn't give any new build recently.

I tried to debug using "SHOW PROCESSLIST" and identified long running process. I killed it but still CPU % is not reduced. Actually we just have 10 process at a time

  • Having monitoring (graphs are the most visual way to do that) of some of the SHOW GLOBAL STATUS variables can be very helpful for debugging (com_, Handler_, threads varaibles). – jynus Jul 30 '14 at 19:01
  • You should keep an eye on things like your buffer sizes, table cache, query cache and innodb_buffer_pool_size, key_buffer_size as all of these memory allocations can have an affect on query performance which can cause MySQL to eat up CPU.
  • Enable slow query log and see if there are queries getting logged there.
  • Observe "mysqladmin status" output for sometime certain values like "Questions, Slow queries, Open tables, Queries per second avg" should help.
  • Thanks Mahesh, There was some query executed frequently to keep CPU busy. – Selvakumar P Aug 4 '14 at 7:56

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