I can't find "mysqlbinlog" utility in my Ubuntu server, i can see mysql, mysqldump, mysqlshow etc... command line utilities but not mysqlbinlog utility.

Can someone please help me from where I can get this utility and install it?

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mysqlbinlog utility is in mysql server package. You should try install mysql server.


As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, you should be able to see it using:

  • using the whereis command

Also possible are:

  • tab completion in bash
  • using the locate command
  • using the apropos command

Try this

cd /
sudo find . -name mysqlbinlog

If either

a) it's not in the same directory as your mysqldump &c., or

b) you can't find it anywhere using the command above,

Then there are two possibilities:

  • You only installed the mysql-client package or

  • something has definitely gone wrong with your install and you should uninstall and reinstall.

A list of the programmes (binaries) installed appears to be available here. It's not very clearly worded:

MySQL client programs that connect to the MySQL server:

but in the list that follows, there is no mention of mysqlbinlog whereas there is mention of the other utilities that you mention in your question.

Overall, in your case, the best thing to do would be to list the packages you have installed using apt-get, by for example using

apt list --installed | grep mysql

and uninstall them, then install the entire server package using

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

The reason I would uninstall the client first and then install the server is to avoid any potential version incompatibilties, although apt-get should take care of this.


Probably you could try this command:

$ whereis mysqlbinlog

mysqlbinlog is an impded utility inside MySQL server try to install MySQL server by executing the following command

sudo apt-get install mysql-server
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