I have a CentOS (Linux) server and looked at the /bin directory, but don't find the applications listed below. What folders should I check to see if these applications are installed on my server?

I'm reading a MongoDB book and it states:

After you install or extract MongoDB successfully, you will have the applications show in table 2-1 available in the bin directory (in both Linux and windows).

Table 2-1


You can find these programs using the Linux find command as such:

find / -name 'program_name' -print 2> /dev/null

Where 'program_name' is for example, bsondump.

find / -name 'bsondump' -print 2> /dev/null

The 2> /dev/null prevents find from printing all the paths it looks at.

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    I found them in the /usr/bin directory using your command. Thank you. – ConfusedDeer Aug 2 '14 at 1:08

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