I have a article website and each article has some tags. How should be my database structure?

This is my article table (article):

article_id (key)  |  article_content  |  article_title  |  article_lang_id

This is the list of my tags (tag_list):

tag_list_id (key)  |  tag_list_name  |  tag_list_description

And this is my tag table (tag_link):

  tag_id (key)   |   article_id (f-key)  |   tag_list_id (f-key)

I echo the article content with php, how can I echo (I mean showing tag bellow content) tags bellow the content?

This is my question:

1- How can I show each content tags near content?

(each content can has less than 5 tags)

2-What is the MYSQL query that I can run to select my tags with content? (is there any professional MySQL orders to select content with tags form tag_link and then select the name of tag from tag_list and then show it near article, can I do it with MySQL orders like join, having, on and several other? How?)

3-Is my database structure for tagging true?

(I can do this with php variables and ... , but I need to do it by MySQL)

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1 & 2:use inner join

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table1
ON table1.column_name=table2.column_name;

3: yes your structure is true

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