I'm trying to use Microsoft's SQL Server Migration Assistant for Sybase ('SSMA') to migrate multiple Sybase databases (that have the same schema) to a single SQL Server database.

All of the tables in the new SQL Server database will have an extra column project_id, which should have a fixed value depending on which Sybase database data is being migrated from.

I've migrated the schema using SSMA, and then created the new columns in SSMS. But I the new columns aren't visible in SSMA, and I can't see any way to achieve what I want to do.

How can I migrate data from each of the Sybase databases whilst utilising the extra project_id column?

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Turns out SSMA just ignores any extra columns you create after migrating the schema - so I could set the default for the project_id columns before migrating data from each Sybase database and have them populated with those defaults.

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