Aim: backup a database and restore it in database2


A PG Dump has been created by issuing the following command:

c:\Temp>pg_dump -U postgres postgres > backupTest2.sql

Opening backupTest2.sql shows SQL statements.

restore pg_dump

However, once the backup would like to be restored in another database nothing seems to happen (number of tables in database2 remains 0, command hangs).

c:\Temp>psql -U postgres -d utrechtTest > backupTest2.sql

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    The syntax of your restore command is incorrect. Change the direction of the redirect "arrow" (ie < instead of >) or use the -f option of psql. – Colin 't Hart Aug 7 '14 at 11:17


psql -U postgres -d utrechtTest > backupTest2.sql

runs psql and writes its stdout to backupTest2.sql, which will be overwritten.

You meant:

psql -U postgres -d utrechtTest < backupTest2.sql

which is better written as:

psql -U postgres -d utrechtTest -f backupTest2.sql

because if you use -f then psql can show line numbers.

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