How can I check if the installation of Oracle Database is done with the Administrator Option Type?

There are four installation types while installing the Oracle 11g R2 as listed below:

  1. Instant Client
  2. Administrator
  3. Runtime
  4. Custom

How can I check to see if the installation was completed with the Administrator option?

  • This looks like an Oracle client install, not the Oracle database. Commented Aug 13, 2014 at 8:29

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Are you talking about the Oracle Client?

In that case you can review the installation logs in the Oracle Inventory directory and look for the INSTALL_TYPE property:

INFO: INFO: ---------------------------------------
INFO: INFO: Starting to setup InstallClient
INFO: INFO: Initializing setup InstallClient
INFO: INFO: Session Details :
INFO: ---------------------------------------------------------------------
INFO:  PROPERTY                                               VALUE        
INFO: ---------------------------------------------------------------------                         
INFO:  INSTALL_TYPE                                           Administrator

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