Aside from installing SSAS, I have no experience using it.

Our developers are saying that it is no longer possible to create a new aggregation, whatever the cube.

enter image description here

The error occurs when hitting Start.

Here is what I found in the msmdsrv file

Type: 3, Category: 289, Event ID: 0xC1210012

(7/30/2014 10:55:10 AM) Message: Errors in the metadata manager. 
An error occurred when instantiating a metadata object from the file, 
'\\?\E:\MSAS11.DWH_AS\OLAP\Data\Cube Fraude.0.db\MY_DATABASE OLAP.56.cub.xml'.
(Source: \\?\E:\MSAS11.DWH_AS\OLAP\Log\msmdsrv.log, 
Type: 3, Category: 289, Event ID: 0xC1210012)

The file E:\MSAS11.DWH_AS\OLAP\Data\Cube Fraude.0.db\MY_DATABASE OLAP.56.cub.xml has 0kb, so should this file be removed?

Any help on resolving this issue would be appreciated.

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The solution was removing the empty files E:\MSAS11.DWH_AS\OLAP\Data\Cube Fraude.0.db\MY_DATABASE OLAP.56.cub.xml which allowed the aggregation to continue

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