Trying to restore a production MongoDB onto a dev MongoDB and getting this error

assertion: 17408 Server has authorization schema version 3, 
but found a schema version 1 user: { _id: ObjectId('5256c667c8bf4cc093fa9794'), 
user: "adminuser", userSource: "mongoUsers", roles: [ "userAdminAnyDatabase",
 "dbAdminAnyDatabase", "clusterAdmin", "readWriteAnyDatabase" ] }

Production Server is sharded and using version 2.6.3

Dev Server is a 2.6.3 and using version 2.6.3

Client being used to restore is version 2.6.1 (maybe this is the problem?)

Only the user databases are copied, the config, admin and users databases are not restored.

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Problem solved

Upgrading to mongo shell 2.6.3 resolved the issue.

  • May I know how you upgrade the mongo client?
    – Nam G VU
    Nov 29, 2017 at 10:39

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