We're planning to buy new Oracle Database Enterprise Edition licence. We have two servers (Live and standby).

Our standby server should be configured as a physical standby, and will be used only in case of disaster.

According to this we should buy licence for both servers.

But do we need to Active Data Guard licence? Is it used buy the physical standby?

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Short version: no.

Active Data Guard is an optional feature that allows you to open the standby database in read-only mode while applying logs from the primary. If you need the standby database only in case of disaster, then you don't need to buy this option.

  • Thanks that so clear. Some time i query the following views on the standby database, V$ARCHIVED_LOG, V$LOG_HISTORY, V$ARCHIVE_GAP, v$dataguard_status. Does that need the active data guard?
    – Ould Abba
    Aug 25, 2014 at 12:31
  • No, you can query them without it. Aug 25, 2014 at 12:36

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