Running Oracle 11GR2 instance (non-ASM). Plan to set it up again from the scratch(this time using ASM, Grid infrastructure). And I need the present database.

I am thinking of the simple plan: 1) Backup using RMAN the existing instance. 2) Deinstall the existing instance. 3) Install Grid. 4) Install Oracle DB software. (Same version) 5) Restore RMAN backup.

Is this how I should proceed, or is there any other plan of action I can look to.


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The Oracle docs for 11.2 ASM migration are here:


These explain the process that you need to go through to migrate to ASM from filesystem storage.

  • Thanks for sharing. I can understand that I can migrate Oracle to use ASM without having to de-install the DB software. However, there are somethings which were not done right while doing the current Installation, so it has been decided to de-install it anyways. So, I guess the other things I need to do for my requirement than mentioned in the link above are, de-install and install again?
    – Ankit
    Aug 27, 2014 at 5:55

No need to de-install Oracle rdbms software. Just install and configure ASM. If you have enough storage available you can copy your database to ASM using rman.

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