We are building a new SSRS 2008R2 environment on a separate network.

How can I migrate the reports from our current network to the new network?

Can I backup the reports from the existing SSRS server and then put them in a location where the server on the new network can pick them up?

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This is a simple backup and restore process, with the additional step of making sure you backup the Reporting Services key, so you can restore that as well.

A number of links on the internet, but this one is a step by step guide with screenshots, much easier than trying to follow MSDN


or if you are only talking a small number of reports and you want to change the credentials,etc you could simply import the .rdl definition files from SourceControl (hopefully :) )

If the 2 domains can authenticate with one another, then the current credentials will work. otherwise you will need to change the account used.


Report Server Database can be backedup and migrated over to the new server in the new network which shouldn't be a trouble. Only problem I see is the Report Server URL, which is not mostly same as before. But, you should still have the same data as before after migration, but, with a different URL after migration.

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