After installation, test,admin and local are the default database. As per the MongoDB tutorial, when we insert data in collection a database will be listed in show dbs command. For a specific purpose, I want to create a new database but I did not find any information about creating a new database. I executed a command like create db dbname or create database dbname. For both of the statement I got below error: SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Can I know what are the steps to create a database?

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Just execute on shell "use dbname" When you insert the first document on any collection you will see the db with "show dbs"

  • It worked now. Really its strange and I don't know why it didn't work earlier. I already tried by use dbname but it was giving error.
    – ursitesion
    Commented Sep 4, 2014 at 12:41

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