Right now I have a trigger in my database that is giving me some issues. I've set up this line so I can check what is being fetched from a query

RAISE NOTICE 'hstore_key = %',hstore_key;

as well I have postgres configured as so for logging

log_destination = 'stderr'

logging_collector = on

log_directory = '/var/log/pg_log'written,

client_min_messages = notice
log_min_messages = notice
log_min_error_statement = notice

But when I check my log at /var/log/pg_log I don't see any thing regarding my notice, using the command

/hstore_key =

in vim to search for the string that the notice should have put out. I have also tried to place a test notice at the start of the trigger (the trigger executes successfully, it just does not give me the results I'm looking for), the notice I placed at the top of the trigger was

RAISE NOTICE 'beginning of proto trigger';

And it does not display in the log either. Is there a configuration setting I missed enabling in my postgresql.conf?

  • One possibility: you have more than one PostgreSQL instance and you're looking at the wrong logs. SHOW config_file; to make sure the postgresql.conf is the right one for the server you're actually connecting to. – Craig Ringer Sep 5 '14 at 13:31
  • I just checked the return of SHOW config_file; and it returns the path to the configuration file I had edited. – jacobsoloid Sep 5 '14 at 13:40

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