I am new to SQL Server Admin and am hoping to get some help? I have a database that only contains views of data from another database. It has no tables at all. Is there a way to backup the data in the views? Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, you back up "another database." Sep 12, 2014 at 7:24

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Once you have taken steps to backup the other database that contains the real data, you could also backup the views from your views only database, by scripting them out using SQL Server Management Studio

From SQL Server Management Studio Via Object Explorer

  1. Expand the database you wish to backup views for

  2. Right click on the database and select Tasks -> Generate Scripts

  3. Choose "Select specific database objects"

  4. Check views or just the views you want to backup

enter image description here

  1. Select Next

  2. Choose Save to new query window

enter image description here

  1. Choose next and then next again

  2. Click on finish and the view or views you selected will be scripted to a new window

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