Recently, I received a lot of information from one of my friends who made a quiz type program. He asked me to help port it into an Access database.

His program places all the info in a grid; around 3000 fields full of info, and we need to port it over to Access.

Is there a program that will read field-by-field and insert the data into Access, and then automatically continue to the next field?

The grid also has a copy button, but it copyies everything without grid, so every line looks kinda like this:

Info1:herestheinfo Info2:herestheinfo, and so on, is there any easy way of porting this to an Access database?


You can use Microsoft Access' built-in import features to import data from just about any source.

For Access 2007, the "ribbon" menu has an "External Data" tab, where you can select "Text".

enter image description here

From there it is pretty simple to import text-based data. As you can see from the screenshot, there are a number of other types of data you can import.

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