I want to sharpen my database normalization skills. Where can I find good quality beginner-to-advanced level exercises (with solutions) on the web ?

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Following are the resources which I'm using to brush-up my database skills and to teach newbies...

  1. Animated DataBase Courseware
    • From Database Design to Advanced Concepts
  2. wofford-ecs.org
    • Database Design - Normalization
  3. db4u
    • Normalization exercises
  4. http://www.sql-ex.ru/
    • Tons of sql exercises
  5. http://www.tekstenuitleg.net/en/articles/software/database-design-tutorial/intro.html
    • Database Design Tutorial
  • The No.1 looks especially great
    – mumtaz
    Jan 4, 2011 at 13:58

Here is a short introduction.


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