Is it possible to used a Windows Managed account to access a file share in a Report subscription?

When creating a Windows file share report subscription, on Step 4 - Create a data-driven subscription, I must specify the Username and Password of the account which has access to the file share. Can this be a Windows Managed Account and if so, what do I specify for the password to get the field to validate and allow me to move to the next screen?

  • I would see if it accepts blank password. Generally things pick up that it is a built in or special account like that.
    – user507
    Commented Sep 23, 2014 at 1:17
  • When I try and put the managed account in the username and leave the password field blank, then click Next, the password textbox has a field validation and gives the error message: "A value is required."
    – Delux
    Commented Sep 23, 2014 at 3:25

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Ok, I have not messed with the file share subscriptions so I had to set this up locally on my machine to mess with it. The only thing I can even come across in MSDN that talks about the username for this type of subscription is here:

Password: Specify the password for the Windows user name.

Out of that the only thing I can find is that it requires an actual user account with password. So it is not possible to use virtual or managed account.

enter image description here

The only way I could get this subscription to write to the UNC path was to enter a Windows User account. In this instance my own login. I was just running an example SSRS report against AdventureWorks2012 database.

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