I'm setting up MySQL Cluster. As it uses ENGINE=NDBCLUSTER, how could I export my databases from MySQL Server specifying the ENGINE?

Is there a way to do this?

All my tables are MYISAM

  • WHat do you want to achieve? If convert table from MyISAM to NDB - ALTER TABLE comments ENGINE=ndb; – Mindaugas Riauba Sep 25 '14 at 19:01
  • I want to export them with ENGINE=NDBCLUSTER not with ENGINE=MYISAM... I'm not able to do that wile the database is now in production. – tachomi Sep 25 '14 at 19:28
  • Do conventional mysqldump and then convert engine=myisam to engine=ndbcluster using sed. Or even text editor with search/replace may suffice. – Mindaugas Riauba Sep 25 '14 at 19:47
  • The thing is that my .sql file is about 50 GB, this could be a problem right? :S – tachomi Sep 25 '14 at 19:56

You should create two mysqldumps

  • Schema Only, No Data
  • Data Only, No Schema

Using sed, mysqldump all databases except information_schema, mysql, performance_schema

Create a script with the following commands


SQL="SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(schema_name) FROM information_schema.schemata"
SQL="${SQL} WHERE schema_name NOT IN ('information_schema','mysql','performance_schema')"
DB_CSV=`mysql ${MYSQL_CONN} -ANe"${SQL}"`
DBLIST=`echo "${DB_CSV}" | sed 's/,/ /g'`
# Schema Only, No Data
mysqldump ${MYSQL_CONN} -d -B ${DBLIST}|sed 's/ENGINE=MyISAM/ENGINE=NDBCLUSTER' > schema_only.sql
# Data Only, No Schema
mysqldump ${MYSQL_CONN} -t -B ${DBLIST} > data_only.sql

Run this script. You should have two files

  • schema_only.sql
    • Should have all the CREATE TABLE commands
    • Should have no data
  • data_only.sql : All the INSERTs to reload the tables

Run the schema_only.sql` script in the MySQL NDB Cluster setup.

Check to make sure every table was created.

Make sure there are now special options prevent the table creation, such as

  • FULLTEXT indexes
  • ROW_FORMAT option

If something went wrong, you can always hand edit schema_only.sql and reload it.

Once every table is in place, run data_only.sql in the MySQL NDB Cluster.

Give it a Try !!!

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