We are in the process of removing a previous dba login and he owns all the endpoints and event notification objects. Endpoints were easy to change; Event notification objects not so much.

I found this thread about changing the owner of an event notification object (you have to drop and recreate). I don't want to go through this process again if I can avoid it. I doubt it's possible, but outside of logging in as another user, can you create an event notification that runs as sa, etc.?


I thought that ALTER AUTHORIZATION might offer a way to transfer ownership, but no, according to the docs (emphasis mine):

Ownership of the following entities cannot be transferred: <many things> and event notifications.

So, script them, drop them, and re-create them under a more generic account that is not tied to an employee.

This is similar to things like the ANSI_NULLS setting for tables (which I dealt with recently re: persisted computed columns).


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