We have just started using SQL Server mirroring for several clients on SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard.

We've got the SQL Server mirroring working fine however now we run into the issue of replicating logins, and agent jobs. I found this article which shows how to synchronize logins but I wasn't able to get this working. I couldn't specify the source and destination server.

Anyone run into the issue of synchronizing logins and agent jobs after having databases mirrored? If so, what workaround have you come up with?

Thanks in advance.

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    Jobs are easy to script, but I don't know of any turnkey solution to make that automatic. I suppose when someone manually makes a change to a job on the primary, they should also make the change on the secondary. For the logins, try this script from Robert Davis. – Aaron Bertrand Oct 3 '14 at 21:53
  • Just ensure that the change is reflected on the mirrored end? – Drew Oct 3 '14 at 23:43
  • In the end one of my colleagues came up with an stored [proc that stored the username and passwords in a table so the mirrored instance would have that table as well. Whenever the database fails over to the other server, all we have to do is run another stored proc which restores the credentials from that table. – Samster Apr 27 '15 at 3:43

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