I have mysql table created/modifying in localhost, and I need to update those in my remote database.

I have gone through lot of post regarding this scenario and I found out that I need to use mysql replication for overcome this situation.I went through some posts about mysql replication but I couldn't understand how would I do this.

Is this the method I need to use? If yes, please mention the simplest way on how to use this method?

NOTE:- my localhost contains Inventory stock system that I have coded.I just need to link or maintain the finish good list on my remote server as product list. Any update of finish good must update in remote server,this is what I need to do.

Thank a lot.

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Check this : Link

That is Below one :

Can't you use Triggers?

22.5.5: Is it possible for a trigger to update tables on a remote server? Yes. A table on a remote server could be updated using the FEDERATED storage engine.

From : http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/faqs-triggers.html#qandaitem-22-5-1-5

I wouldn't recommend this because you will be consuming bandwidth for every small change you do. You can try a scheduled job instead.

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