Is there any option to change the sybase sql default port ?

Here I want to change the port number because we can't start two SAP instances at the same time on the same server?

  • You should probably include more details in your question, such as DB product (Saying it's a Sybase database does not narrow down options), OS, etc...But since you are talking about running SAP..I'll assume you mean Sybase ASE. Oct 17, 2014 at 20:14

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Sybase ASE retrieves port numbers for the listeners from the interfaces file. On *nix systems, this is typically in the Sybase Home directory ($SYBASE/interfaces)

On Windows systems it's called interfaces.ini and can be found in %SYBASE%, which is likely to be c:\sybase (I think..been a while since I've run on Windows).

I believe you can launch the GUI interfaces editor through Sybase Central, if you are using that to manage your ASE databases. dsedit and dscp are the two utilities that can be used to edit the interfaces file.

You can also manually edit the interfaces file using a text editor such as vi but be sure to pay attention to the format of the entries and permissions, so as not to accidentally muck it up.


Adding to Michael's answer:

  • ASE interfaces file on Windows is sql.ini located in %SYBASE%\ini folder.
  • ASE on start-up picks up the port number for the master entry in the interfaces file

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