I have a table with room which has a data of who are in it. Each room has have 0 to any number of people and each person can be in multiple rooms simultaneously. (simplified below)

id      name

1       John
1       Peter
1       Jill
2       John    <--- room # I want
2       Jill    <--- room # I want
3       Someoneelse

If I want to look for a room where there is John and Jill and no one else, what would be an elegant & efficient way to select the room number?

Something like this works...

SELECT r1.id 
FROM  `room` r1,  `room` r2
    r1.name != r2.name
    AND r1.id = r2.id
    AND r1.name = 'John'
    AND r2.name = 'Jill'
    AND r1.id
    IN (
        SELECT id
        FROM user_conversation
        GROUP BY id
        HAVING COUNT( * ) = 2

But I feel like there would be a much more efficient & elegant way to get this.


You don't need self-joining or subqueries at all. This query does the trick:

your_table t
group by id
having sum(name = 'John') + sum(name = 'Jill') = 2 and count(*) = 2;

name = 'whatever' in the sum() function returns 1 or 0, true or false.

  • This is not just a query, but a work of art. +1 for a single pass aggregation. Very slick !!! – RolandoMySQLDBA Oct 22 '14 at 9:37

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