I found some articles and questions on this issue but not sure if I got the answer. very new to db modeling so please bear with me My use case is:

  • Save user activities: I'm doing this by creating a one table and saving all user activities. The table has a ID, user_id(foreign key), time(Datetime), type(varchar), description
  • Query the table for activities for a user for a time frame and potentially for a activity type.

My concern is the performance when the table has a large number of rows. My steps that I think will help improve is

  • index the user_id
  • index the time

Then I can query for "user_is = 'abc' and time > somedate" or "user_is = 'abc' and time > somedate and type = xyz"

should I index type too? will having too many index have performance issues (when inserting new row or querying)? What else can I do. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Your query is presumably something like:

select a.*
from activities a
where user_is = 'abc' and time > somedate


where user_is = 'abc' and time > somedate and type = xyz

The best index for the first query is activities(user_is, time) and for the second activities(user_id, type, time).

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