I have the following two tables


|ID|Company_ID|Affiliate_ID|<Relationship Info>|


|ID|Company_ID|<Job Info>|

and I need to keep a record of job offers (i.e. a company offers a job to its affiliate). Do I use: job_offers

|ID|Job_ID|CompanyRelationship_ID|<Offer Info>|


|ID|Job_ID|Affiliate_ID|<Offer Info>|

or something else?

I want to use the first one, because relationship info applies to the job offer, but then Company_ID is specified by both Job_ID and CompanyRelationship_ID. Is there an issue with this / better schema to use?

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If you go for the Option 1, how do you Identify the Affiliate? and that's why I think Option 2 is better, unless I am missing something

  • The affiliate is specified by the CompanyRelationship, as well as whatever configurations are specified for that relationship
    – Rob
    Commented Oct 28, 2014 at 18:36

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