How to perform the following select query?

with x (x, y, z) as
((2 5 6), (6,3,2))
select * from x

I am not sure if this approach is possible. Not even sure if the syntax is correct. But I don't want to make a table in my database. Actually I am writing a PL/pgSQL function where I have few numeric values like 2,5,6,3 etc in few variables and I want to create a table from those variables so that I can perform some SQL operations on them.

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The syntax is almost correct. You need the keyword values and some commas that are missing:

with x (x, y, z) as 
    (2, 5, 6), 
    (6, 3, 2)
select * 
from x;
  • that was greatttt !! :) – Zia Oct 30 '14 at 20:17

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