I am designing a postgresql database for an online card game. I want to provide users with the option to access their play history - users can see log of their games.

The data I want to save has the following structure:

Player Ids | game_data
A,B,C,D    | ..game log..
A,D,E,F    | ..game log..
D,C,A      | ..game log..
D,A        | ..game log..

Each game can have up to 22 participants, so Max number of players is 22, Min number of players is 2.

So far I have about 100M records. Every day I add about 500K records. I have about 500K Players. Player-ID is a 32 byte string (MD5).

I want players to be able to access their game_data, so I want to select game_log by Player-Id. I need to do it as fast as possible. What would be the best way to do it with Postgres? I would prefer to save all these data in a single table.

So far I am considering two approaches:

Approach 1

Make a field of JSON type and save all Player's in in JSON-Array and query JSON in a SELECT statement.

Approach 2

Make 22 fields in a table for each player (If there is no player field is NULL) and make an ugly query over all fields.

So far I don't like any of these approaches. Is there a better method for this?

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