I have an Access 2010 database that has "frmCatalog" which is sourced from the Catalog table. The Catalog table shows a record with the primary key "Acq" = "5203." But the form does not show 5203.

This developed after I tried to change Acq# 1151 to Acq# 5203. (The 1151 was an incorrect number, denoting a book rather than a DVD.) I had to turn on "cascade update" in relations between the Catalog table and several others to try not to lose track of the relationships between this record and several other tables. When I had changed "1151" to "5203", the 1151 was no longer in the Catalog table, and the 5203 showed in the table, but the 5203 record is nowhere to be seen in frmCatalog.

That record DOES show in various queries that are used to make reports relating 5203 to the Author, Format (DVD), Subjects, etc.

I looked at the indexes in the Catalog table and deleted all but 2 of them: the Primary Key (Acq) field and another "Acq" field, which could not be deleted.

What do I need to do to get the frmCatalog to "see" the record it's not showing? I think this is the only missing record, out of hundreds.


do you have a filter on the form maybe (look in the edit mode of the form)?

Is it a subform which is filtered by the main? Has the change of the number been distributed to ALL tables concerned?

Maybe try to create a quick-and-dirty new form to see if the record can be seen there. This might rule out some problem sources.

I think an image might help imagine what you are trying to do. There just seem to be to many possible sources for the problem to me.

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