I am creating a physical standby database for which I am creating a standby control file using command = ALTER DATABASE CREATE STANDBY CONTROLFILE AS '/oracle/dbs/stbycf.ctl';

but It creates only one control file while I using 4 control files like:

O:/cntrl_ims01/CNTRLIMS.ctl, O:/cntrl_ims02/CNTRLIMS.ctl, L:/cntrl_ims03/CNTRLIMS.ctl, L:/cntrl_ims04/CNTRLIMS.ctl

, on standby host I am using same paths and structure as primary host, so where to place this single control file. ??


You can copy the same standby file controfile to all the locations and use it. All control_files have the same content.

If you are creating new standby, I would suggest to follow below method (which uses active duplication): https://dbaclass.com/article/how-to-create-physical-standby-database/

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