I have installed Oracle 11gR2 (latest version on my system. During the installation it didn't ask me to set username or any password. I'm unable to start sql plus because i don't have the username and password. Can anyone tell me what is the default username and password or what is the default password for SYS or SYSTEM? Thanks


If the Universal Installer included with 11gR2 did not ask for a password, it is likely that the option to create a database was not selected during installation.

Solution? Create a database with the dbca tool and supply a sys password when prompted.

With older versions, perhaps including Oracle Database XE (11g), you might have luck with one of the default password combinations of sys/change_on_install or system/welcome1 or system/manager. On engineered systems I have also seen sys/welcome1 and sys/changeme

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if you have administrator permission, after entering "sqlplus sys as sysdba" command press the enter. and press the Enter again for password will let you query the database ! and then you can change the password for sys from $ Tables. hope this help

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  • This depends on internal authentication, which may or may not be applicable. Password for sys is set with "alter user sys identified by password". – Roy Dec 10 '14 at 19:24

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